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Managed IT Staffing & Business Partnership Solutions

With TBCG, LLC in your corner, I.T. project-based, and temporary staff augmentation become simpler propositions when your organization requires expert-level technology consultancy to drive delivery results for your business.  Our business partnership programs make working together a simple process, allowing us to work more directly with your teams to create and support solutions that ensure your business runs smoothly, while adding delivery value and high customer satisfaction to your strategic business initiatives and I.T. implementation initiatives.  

Client Engagement and Assessment

Our Business Partnership Strategy

Our strategy begins with a business solutions requirements definition session where you present your business challenges to us, as well as articulate any barriers experienced in regard to the pursuit of business strategic or technology implementation achievemnet.  Next, upon completion of an initial Business - I.T. challenges discussion with you, we present a high-level value based solution proposal for your review.  We also perform core competency assessments require for the fulfillment of your Business and/or I.T. Strategic Vision, working directly with your change agent stakeholders and internal service delivery leaders.

Client Engagement

Once we've completed our assessments, we'll perform necessary services and skill mapping exercies, based on our understanding of your requirements.  The outcomes of which will presented to your leadership team for work engagemnet consideration.  To ensure we retain focus on customer satisfaction throughout the entire life-cycle of the engagement, we continue to maintain a proactive client relationship interface, through full completion of our strategic assessment and/or implementation services.

Feedback Sessions

Upon completion of successful program implementations, we work directly with you and your teams to complete a comprehensive "lessons learned" study. This helps reduce time and costs associated with ongoing business implementation initiatives underway within your environment.   Our consultancy and I.T. staffing model is designed to provide you with options, along with the flexibility to select the right consultancy model based on your specific Business and/or Information Technology implementation challenges.